Hunting Pant

Art No : IB-6004

Super-strong hunting pants for hunting sessions in tough brushwood's full of thorns. Double-layer protection in more than 90% of the surface. Comfort cut and water-repellent finish. With Hartware concept we have targeted the following goal:to develop outdoor sport clothing and footwear equipment the best we can to control heat transfer and gain comfort in any level of activity. We have developed this label as our top Hart range to wear. Cotton Diamond Line (CDL) is a light and cool tough-wearing cotton canvas fabric developed for warm-weather shooting. PU coated to ensure a water repellent function and Teflon™ coated for strengthen fibers, the breathable cotton yarn is woven tight enough to fend off brush and insects yet light enough to remain cool. The material is usually pre washed at the factory, and then the entire cloth is re-washed to soften it. CDL clothing is lightweight and durable, perfect for warm-weather walk-up hunts.

Size: Pcs

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